Our courses, iterpreting and translations

English course for beginners: is aimed for learners who have very little or no experience with English, want to learn English for purpose of basic communication in everyday situations, travelling or their own entertainment. (they just want to learn new language because it is fun). We highly recommend 60 or 90min classes min. 2-3 times a week. After completion of this course learners will achieve the Englilsh level A1-A2.

English courses for learners of levels A2-C1: are aimed for learners who want to improve their English or want to keep their level up to date. These are normally 60- 90min courses 2-3times a week; Group of 3-5 people courses or Face-2-Face (individual courses).

Preparation for exam: this is perfect course for all those who are leaving school, want to succeed at acceptance proceeding for university study, or those who only need to prepare for English test at school. For school leaving exam preparation course and university study we require you to enroll latest 2 months in advance.

NEW! Online course: for learners who do not have time for travelling to our language centre, or all those who learn the best from comfort of their own homes.

Min. duration of all courses is 3 months!

Interpreting and translations:  We can offer to you iterpreting and translations (Slovak - English, English - Slovak) of all kinds of documents except those which require official translation. However, we can help you to arrange these (SK-EN, EN-SK, GER-SK, SK-GER).

Please, contact us for more information and prices.