About Us

ON THE COUCH is not only a name of our language centre but first of all it is a method of comfortable learning of English. It is generally believed that people learn and interact the best when they feel relaxed and comfortable. We in ON THE COUCH language centre know that, and therefore we do our best in order to make you - our learners feel comfortable and confident about your English while you are learning. 

Our main aims are to: motivate our learners of English, activate them through experiential learning (which is very close to real life situations), support our learners while learning and last but not least help them to be successful people.

Even though that ON THE COUCH is quite young language centre it can offer a good quality education. All courses are taught by qualified and experienced personnel. All of our courses are learner-centred and use various techniques to develop all skills of the language acquisition.     

If you are looking for interpretering and translations we are here to help you with these, too. Just click on the section "Our courses, interpretering and translations" in the main menu bar.

NEW! Are you looking for the administrative services? Check out our website www.adm-sluzby.webnode.sk to find out more.